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Adult shopping – Exploring perspectives in endless surprise

It doesn’t matter how sexually advanced you are, adult shopping is always a new experience. Particularly now, when there are more new things and sex toys coming on the market than ever before, and technology is getting involved. Remote control vibrators, robots with personalities, you name it, this is “culture” in a sense few people recognize it, but it’s the genuine article, the world at play, and it’s fascinating, if you’re prepared to take a good look at what’s available.

Even the merchants are totally different from each other. They may run some common stocks, but generally they’re very individualistic. Take a look at any two adult sites, and it’s like looking at different planets. This is one of the most diverse businesses in the world, complete with totally different types of merchandise. Even the internet and its bad habit of lookalike sites can’t really hide the individuality of the different merchants and the lines of products they run.

This can also be very much a “niche market”, and the clientele of different merchants often want different things. The merchants sometimes specialize in particular types of adult toys and sex aids, and these specialists are really something. Some merchants can get things like dolls from around the world, so you get a true exposé of the whole range of these things when checking out the specialists.

The more general adult shopping sites cover a huge range of different things, like a catalog of what’s available, which is an eye opener of a different kind, covering a lot of subjects at once, and as usual, there’s always something new. If you’ve never seen one before, a love swing is a revelation. The love swing is as close to airborne sex without a plane as most people are likely to get, and as a perspective on possibilities, it’s likely to be a surprise for anyone.

The merchandise- Endless options

The really stunning thing about the adult shopping sites is the fact that there are so many different “worlds” in adult shops. Everyone has their own ideas about having fun, and it’s an incredible experience to go exploring on these sites. A typical case of the levels of individuality are adult movies. This is the biggest single movie market in the world, producing huge numbers of movies every month, not year, and the truth is these movies get pretty inventive. The adult movies instantly came up with a spoof of Pirates of the Caribbean called Pirates, including a very similar cover, for example, and other famous classics.

If you want to really explore the world, the perspectives you can get from adult shopping are like a world tour. Everything, from the ancient Kama Sutra to the new robots with their social skills, is contained in adult shops.  The fact is that the adult shops are dedicated to fun in any form people like to have fun. That’s the real joy and mystery of exploring them, and it’s quite incredible to see how many things, sometimes poles apart, that are available. The options, like the fun, are literally endless.

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How to Clean and Care for Your Vibrator

While it’s not the sexiest of topics, taking good care of your vibrators and sex toys and cleaning them after each use is important.

If you have just purchased a brand new vibrator, the first thing you should do once you receive it is clean it properly.  It should then be cleaned after every play date, but how do you go about cleaning it and should all vibrators be treated equally?  .

Two of the most popular vibrators are:

  1. Battery Operated – make sure the batteries are charged before inserting them as per directions into the battery compartment. It is important to make sure the batteries are firmly in place before screwing the cap back on tightly.  Never allow the batteries or any internal vibrator mechanisms to get wet.  It’s a good idea to remove the batteries and store separately when the vibrator is not in use.  This will prevent any corroding on the vibrator motor.  If the vibrator is not working properly try taking an eraser and rubbing it over the battery tips to try and make a better connection.
  2. Electric – never to be used around water, electric vibrators have all the same restrictions and should be used with the same precautions that you would do with any other electrical appliance.  Any contact with water can create a severe electrical shock.


Monica’s Diary

I was working for a very powerful man.  To begin with I didn’t find him that attractive.  However, the more I got to know him and see how everyone else worshiped the ground he walked on I began to wonder what would it be like to have sex with such a powerful man.

One day when we were in the office going over some business he asked if I had ever seen his private bathroom?  “No”, I said as I followed him into the hallway.  I realized we were actually alone for the first and maybe the last time.  I needed to think fast to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  “Bill have you ever thought about cheating on your wife”, I asked nervously.  He grinned, evilly “depends what did you have in mind”.

I had a perfectly filthy idea of playing with his cock and Sex Toys he may have as a surprise for me! I love big black dildos to penetrate my pussy while he deep drills my ass! (more…)

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